SUSI Partners, a Swiss investment firm, has launched a renewable energy platform to develop renewable energy assets in South-East Asia through its Asia Energy Transition Fund (SAETF). The platform will focus on constructing, developing, and operating utility-scale wind, hydro, and solar photovoltaic (PV) assets. In partnership with local developer Pacific Impact, SUSI’s platform will develop the projects in the South-East Asian markets of the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and others. The platform’s developer and project manager will be Pacific Impact, which has a presence in each of these markets. 

The two companies aim to use their combined experience and skills to attract international capital, expand the region’s potential for renewable energy sources, and foster their sustainable development. Furthermore, SUSI will provide its expertise in investments, and Pacific Impact will provide its experience in the development of renewable energy sources. By 2025, the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) anticipates 23 per cent of its primary energy to come from renewable sources. 

In August 2022, SUSI Partners announced the acquisition of a 100 MW battery storage project portfolio in South Texas, US, in collaboration with SMT Energy. The deal was done through SUSI Partners’ flagship Energy Transition Fund (SETF).SUSI Partners to construct renewable assets in South-East Asia