To face a climate-altered future, the United States needs a resilient, affordable, and nimble electric system, one that can adjust and adapt to any situation, keeping the lights on no matter the challenge. Ensuring that the country has affordable and available electricity requires that Congress pass legislation now to support renewable energy and build a more resilient electric grid—the system that connects a source of energy such as a power plant to the consumers who use it.

According to NRDC’s factsheet “Building a Stronger, Cleaner Electric Grid”, congress should pass the climate legislation before it, which includes crucial provisions to strengthen the grid by:

  • expanding long-distance transmission lines;
  • encouraging more solar and wind power, especially in low-income and energy justice communities;
  • curbing energy demand through weatherization and energy efficiency;
  • investing in communities where old coal mines or fossil fuel plants are closing; and
  • spurring the sales of electric vehicles, which can both act as backup batteries for customers and inject energy back into the grid.

Access the factsheet here