Statkraft is planning to develop a 102 MW Torsa wind power project in Chile. The project is located in the O’Higgins region, 124 km south of the city of Santiago. The project construction is expected to begin in the second semester of 2021. The three projects are Cardonal, Manantiales, and Los Cerillos, which are expected to be finished in October, November and December of 2022, respectively.

Torsa wind project will consist of three wind farms and a cumulative of 19 wind turbines. The wind turbines for this project will be supplied by the German firm Nordex. The Nordex N163/5.X wind turbines, which have a diameter of 163 meters, will be used for the project. These turbine variety are also being used in Statkraft’s ongoing Ventos de Santa Eugenia project in Brazil. Overall, the wind farms are expected to produce more than 300 GWh of renewable energy annually. This would be sufficient to power 100,000 Chilean households on average.   

In September 2019, Statkaft had acquired the three projects from Torsa Chile SA, a unit of Spanish renewable energy firm Torsa Renovables SL.

Statkraft, is a leading renewable energy generator in Europe. This will be Statkaft’s first wind farm in Chile. Statkraft has been present in Chile since 2014 and currently owns a production capacity of 209 MW in the country. Combined with the company’s existing hydropower assets, Statkraft expects to reach a generating capacity of 366 MW by the end of 2023 in Chile.