Statkraft has started commercial operations of its Moglice hydropower plant located on the Devoll river in the southeastern part of Albania. The Moglice hydropower plant is the largest of the two hydropower plants built under the Devoll hydropower project and will generate approximately 450 GWh per year. Together with Banja hydropower plant, Statkraft’s hydropower production in the Devoll valley will reach 700 GWh per year. This will be approximately 13 per cent of the total electricity generation in Albania.

The Moglice hydropower plant has a 167 meters high asphalt-core rock-filled dam, 10.7 km long headrace tunnel, an underground powerhouse with two main generators of 91.5 MW each and a 1 MW eco-flow unit at the foot of the dam.

In addition to the production of renewable energy, the project has contributed to significant developments in the Devoll valley in the form of new infrastructure, livelihood support and social development. “Finalising the Moglice hydropower plant marks an important milestone for Statkraft’s activities in Albania. The country is developing to be the electricity hub of the region, opening up to further opportunities,” said Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO, Statkraft. The hydropower plant was officially inaugurated with a site visit by Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama and minister of infrastructure and energy, Belinda Balluku.