The solar investment fund SolRiver Capital, has acquired 45 MW of solar capacity in the states of North and South Carolina, United States of America, from the developer Birdseye Renewable Energy.

The projects developed by Birdseye Renewable Energy, will now come under SolRiver Capital which will finance, bild own and operate the portfolio of solar projects. This marks the second acquisition between SolRiver and Birdseye, and the fifth acquisition overall for SolRiver across North and South Carolina. The first project acquired by SolRiver from Birdseye Renewable Energy is located in North Carolina and was successfully completed in 2020.

Founded in 2016, SolRiver Capital is a solar investment fund dedicated to financing the development, construction, and acquisition of DG, C&I, and utility-scale projects. SolRiver owns and operates projects across the US from Oregon to New York. SolRiver’s portfolio consists of has developing and managing about 180MW of capacity from 300 projects. Birdseye Renewable Energy is a renewable energy developer that delivers projects across the southeastern United States. The firm specializes in the greenfield development of utility scale solar facilities. The group has a portfolio of developing over 540 MW of capacity.

In addition to solar energy, North Carolina is also conducive for other forms of renewable energy such as wind energy, especially offshore wind. North Carolina’s location is favourable to serve all markets along the East Coast, for both immediate and future demand. In addition, the presence of more than 30 manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and Virginia that provide components for the wind energy industry further favours the development of offshore wind.