Waste-to-hydrogen company, SGH2 Energy has announced that it will supply 3,850 tonnes of green hydrogen annually to two of California’s largest owners and operators of hydrogen refueling stations under a ten-year contract. The deal represents the first and only long-term green hydrogen off-take agreement thus far globally. The plasma-enhanced gasification plant is scheduled to open in 2023 and will be owned jointly by SGH2 and the city of Lancaster. It will also produce up to 11,000 kg of hydrogen daily when at full operation. The company claims that hydrogen produces will be carbon-negative because the waste would otherwise rot in landfills and emit methane.

SGH2 will produce carbon-negative hydrogen from biogenic waste and biomass at the company’s planned production facility in the City of Lancaster north of Los Angeles. The company also reported that it is in negotiations with major global energy companies to launch similar projects in Northern California and Europe including France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Other possible locations are Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, and South Korea.

SGH2 is a Washington-based company focused on the gasification of waste into hydrogen and holds the exclusive rights to build, own and operate its technology to produce green hydrogen.  SGH2’s greener than green hydrogen is cost-competitive with grey hydrogen and also meets the purity requirement to supply fuel cell electric vehicles using a proton-exchange membrane system.