Savannah Energy, a British energy company, has signed an agreement to construct up to 500 MW of renewable energy capacity in Chad with the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. At the beginning, the company intends to construct a 300 MW solar farm and battery energy storage system (BESS) facility in Komé, called Centrale Solaire de Komé. 

The facility’s clean energy will be distributed to the Doba Oil Project, as well as the adjacent towns of Moundou and Doba in southern Chad, and N’Djamena, the country’s capital. The project is scheduled to receive approval in 2023, with the first power being generated in 2025. Savannah Energy will also build solar and wind farms in N’Djamena, each with a capacity of 100 MW. The second project, which has a capacity of up to 200 MW, is planned to increase the city’s installed generation capacity by 63 percent while also increasing Chad’s total power generation capacity. 

The project is scheduled to be approved in 2023, or 2024, with the first power being generated in 2026. Savannah Energy intends to fund the projects using a combination of internally generated cash flows and project-specific debt.