Saipem, an Italian energy services firm, has released information about SUISO- a new technical solution that integrates offshore green hydrogen production with oil and gas facilities. SUISO integrates multiple renewable energy sources into a single system, including floating wind, floating solar, and marine energy.

The electricity generated by the unit, individually or as part of a larger farm, may then be utilised to power electrolysers placed on existing offshore platforms. Electrolyzers aid in the generation of green hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy.

SUISO caters to the rising demand for green hydrogen generation while also offering offshore platforms a new lease, even when oil and gas operations halt. the oxygen created by the device may be utilised in a variety of applications, including aquaculture and seaweed production. There are already proposals to implement SUISO at the AGNES energy centre. Saipem plans to develop the facility in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Ravenna in collaboration with QINT’X.

Given their experience with gas, traditional hydrocarbon businesses have identified hydrogen as a potential transition sector. Along with green hydrogen, there is strong interest in the development of blue hydrogen, which is created from natural gas and whose emissions are reduced by carbon capture and storage.