Saipem, an Italian major in subsea exploration, construction and energy services, will co-develop a 450 MW wind farm in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Ravenna. The company has recently signed MoUs with AGNES and QINT’X to set up this offshore wind farm in northern Italy. AGNES specializes in development of renewable energy projects in the Adriatic Sea, in particular offshore and nearshore wind farms, floating solar panels at sea, energy storage systems and hydrogen production from renewable sources. Meanwhile, QINT’X is an Italian company specialising in renewable energy, specifically solar, wind and hydroelectric energy and e-mobility.

Two different sites have been identified for the project, one located around 8 nautical miles off the coast and the other about 12 miles from the shore. Around 56 offshore wind power turbines will be installed on fixed foundations on the seabed as part of this project. Moreover, floating solar based on the proprietary technology of Moss Maritime, which is part of Saipem’s XSIGHT division will also be used in this project. The XSIGHT division is developing solutions for producing green hydrogen and this offshore wind farm will be its first project to use such integrated solutions. This will open up vast opportunities for decommissioning oil and gas platforms in the Adriatic Sea.

In 2019, Saipem signed an agreement with Abu Dhabi-based Plambeck Emirates to build a 500 MW floating wind farm off the cost of Saudi Arabia. The company also has plans to develop an offshore wind farm in Sicily and Sardinia.