In the region of Badajoz in Spain, the German energy provider RWE has started construction on a 10 MW ground-mounted solar power project. For the solar project in Las Vaguadas, the company has already started construction. Over the next few weeks, it plans to begin installing about 20,000 bifacial solar panels at the 21 ha site.

The development of the solar project follows the start of construction of two solar projects by RWE in the province of Guadalajara in 2021, Casa Valdes and Puerta del Sol. The capacity of each of these two solar farms will be 44 MWac. It is anticipated that the three solar power projects would be finished in the first quarter of 2023. Once operational, the solar farms would provide enough electricity to serve around 68,000 households in the region. In Spain, RWE currently has an operational wind power capacity of more than 44 MW. Additionally, the company is working on the construction of Toledo, Spain’s Andasol III solar thermal power station and a solar power plant therein.

In July 2022, RWE and offshore solar energy developer SolarDuck signed a collaboration agreement, in order to develop the usage of floating solar parks in the sea and integrate them into an offshore wind farm to build a multi-source renewable energy project. In its proposal for the Dutch offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust West (HKW VII) for system integration, RWE selected SolarDuck as the sole supplier of offshore floating solar technology with integrated storage. A successful bid will integrate an offshore floating solar plant at a pre-commercial scale of 5 MW along with cutting-edge energy storage solutions into the offshore wind farm.