Recurrent Energy, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar has announced its plans for several battery energy storage systems (BESS) which will be built in 2021 and 2022. These projects include retrofits as-a-service, solar plus storage power purchase agreements, as well as stand-alone storage tolling agreements.

Southern California Edison awarded Recurrent Energy a long-term contract which will begin in the summer of 2022 for the 200 MW/800 MWh Crimson BESS project. The project recently received approvals from the California Public Utility Commission for the contract and from the Bureau of Land Management for the project site. The project will be located on public lands in the California desert, in Riverside County. Recurrent Energy is developing the 75 MW / 300 MWh BESS retrofit to the 100 MW Mustang solar project as well as the Slate project which consists of about 300 MW solar plus 140.25 MW / 561 MWh storage. Mustang and Slate are both owned by Goldman Sachs Renewable Power and are located in Kings County, California.

Recurrent Energy has also collaborated with Southern Power and AIP Management to provide development services to add 72 MW / 288 MWh of energy storage to the 200 MW Tranquillity solar project located in Fresno County, California, as well as 88 MW / 352 MWh of energy storage to the 200 MW Garland solar project located in Kern County, California. The two projects were initially built by Recurrent Energy and are currently owned by Southern Power and AIP.

Recurrent Energy has been actively developing both PV solar plus energy storage and standalone storage projects since 2014. It currently has a pipeline of around 11 GWh of battery storage projects across the United States, of which 2.3 GWh are in late-stage development.