Q Energy has partnered with Dutch solar developer Tomorrow Energy to co-develop 300 MW of photovoltaic (PV) projects in the Netherlands, making its entry into the Dutch renewable energy market. In accordance with the agreement, the two companies will collaborate to develop 21 solar projects, each with an installed capacity ranging from 4 MW to 40 MW. Within the next three years, the solar systems will be constructed and put into operations.

Furthermore, the majority of the projects, with a concentration on the southern region of the Netherlands, include the construction of new greenfield PV installations. In order to incorporate energy storage, agrivoltaic, and perhaps even green hydrogen into the projects, the partners will explore their options.

In March 2022, the Netherlands stated that it would issue a request for proposals for the construction of two new offshore wind farms with a combined capacity of 1,400 MW. The North Sea would be the site of the new projects.