PNE, a German wind farm developer, has entered the Spanish renewable market by acquiring a 51 per cent stake in Coliaenergia ESPAÑA (Kolya), a developer of large-scale solar projects. For an undisclosed sum, PNE acquired the Kolya stake from Consultoria Industrial Beaguihe and Garisun Renovables.

PNE’s photovoltaic (PV) pipeline has expanded by more than 40 per cent to a total of 4.22 GWp by acquiring the shares and Kolya’s pipeline of 1.81 GWp PV projects. In addition to around 804 MWp for third parties, Kolya’s 1.81 GWp solar PV pipeline contains about 1 GWp of capacity for its own project development. The portfolio of the company also includes preliminary areas for the development of wind projects that ‘complement the technology spectrum.’

In July 2021, PNE sold the rights to three wind farm projects in Romania to an unnamed global renewable energy business for an undisclosed amount. PNE stated in a news release that wind turbines with nominal outputs of up to 220 MW might be installed as part of the three projects. PNE and the investor would collaborate in the project’s future development up to the construction funding decision.