The United States’ West Coast has vast, untapped offshore wind resources to help decarbonize the country’s energy system. Offshore wind would diversify generation resources while reducing land-use conflicts in the Western U.S., where 80 percent of customers are served by utilities with net-zero carbon emission mandates. Coastal states make up 57 percent of Western electricity demand and have some of the most ambitious electrification goals nationwide, but they are among the most land-constrained states in the U.S., especially California.

Unfortunately the U.S. lacks ambition on offshore wind – particularly across California, Oregon, and Washington – which have no established offshore wind deployment requirements. This research brief “Offshore Wind: A Crucial Resource To Decarbonize The Western United States” by Energy Innovation explains federal policies that could cost-effectively support offshore wind as a core power sector emissions reduction strategy including tax credits, port development, transmission investments, and timely siting.

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