North Carolina has set development targets for offshore wind. The state plans to set up 2.8 GW of offshore wind by 2030 and 8 GW by 2040. These targets were set under an executive order issued by Governor Roy Cooper highlighting North Carolina’s commitment to offshore wind power as the state transitions to a clean energy economy. Achieving these goals is expected to power roughly 2.3 million homes by 2040.

As per the executive order, an investment of 140 billion will be made over the next 15 years in offshore wind development along the Atlantic Coast. This is expected to help North Carolina secure jobs and economic activity. The order directs the North Carolina Department of Commerce to name a clean energy economic development coordinator and establish the North Carolina Taskforce for Offshore Wind Economic Resource Strategies (NC TOWERS). It also calls for quarterly meetings of the North Carolina Offshore Wind Interagency Workgroup.

North Carolina’s location is favourable to serve all markets along the East Coast, for both immediate and future demand. In addition, the presence of more than 30 manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and Virginia that provide components for the wind energy industry further favours the development of offshore wind. North Carolina is home to three wind energy areas (WEAs) designated by the BOEM, of which Kitty Hawk WEA has been leased and is being developed by Avangrid Renewables.