Nordex Group, a German wind turbine manufacturer, has won a wind turbine supply contract from a partnership that includes Helen, a Finnish energy utility, and the landsbanken Wind Power Fund. For the 147.5 MW Karahka wind farm, Nordex will deliver and install 25 of its N163/5.X turbines. The Karahka wind facility will be developed in the north of Oulainen, a town in Finland’s North Ostrobothnia region.

VSB Uusiutuva Energia Suomi, a Finnish affiliate of the VSB Group, is developing the wind facility. In January 2022, VSB received approval for the development of the wind farm. Subsequently, it sold the wind farm to the consortium. The corporation is still responsible for carrying out the wind farm infrastructure construction, which will start in 2023. The wind turbines will be delivered and installed by Nordex in the spring of 2024. Additionally, it has a 35-year Premium Service contract signed for the turbines. The company announced that it will supply the wind turbines in the cold-climate version and equip it with an Advanced Anti-Icing-System to prevent ice from forming on the rotor blades.

In June 2022, Nordex Group secured a 105 MW turbine supply order for the Krivaca wind farm in Serbia. The Krivaca wind project is located in the municipalities of Golubac, Kucevo, and Veliko Gradiste in eastern Serbia. It will have the capacity to generate 310 GWh of clean energy per year, which is approximately 1 per cent of the country’s total power consumption.