The National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) of India and ORE Catapult of the UK have signed a joint declaration of intent under which the two wind energy organisations of their respective countries will establish a five-year collaboration programme for the development of wind energy, particularly offshore wind. India currently has no offshore wind facilities, and plans to start development in this space by 2024-25 are also well behind schedule.

As per the company’s statement, NIWE and ORE Catapult will collaborate on innovation and R&D, market and supply chain growth, new technology demonstration, and offshore wind skills programmes. The technical supply chain innovation analysis of the wind energy sector between the UK and India will be supported by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) – India.

India and the UK will also collaborate to identify cost-effective offshore wind power areas in India. The programme will also include wind energy technology demonstration infrastructure in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu. There will be research and knowledge exchange to assist address the specific challenges of deploying offshore wind. The two countries will also focus on offshore wind power supply chain growth programmes, with an emphasis on installation, balance of plant, and operations and maintenance.