Marubeni Corp, a Japanese industrial conglomerate, has inked an agreement with Australian investor Providence Asset Group to construct 30 community-based solar farms that would combine battery and hydrogen storage. The PV plants will be constructed in Victoria and New South Wales by Australian sustainable energy investor Providence Asset Group (PAG).

The agreement asks for Marubeni subsidiary SmartestEnergy to purchase the output from these solar farms, which will generate about 500 GWh per year, almost comparable to a 300 MW solar project. After the original 30-month period expires, there is an option to extend the agreement period by another 10 years.

Each solar farm will include a first-of-its-kind dual technology that combines lithium-ion batteries with green hydrogen energy generation and storage devices. The University of New South Wales created the particular technology, which includes containerised metal hydride hydrogen storage and manufacturing facilities. PAG will be the first in the world to supply containerised metal hydride hydrogen storage and manufacturing facilities. At each location, the company will supply 30 MWh of storage.

PAG’s proposal also calls for the creation of a green hydrogen export route to Japan. The company bought five community solar plants in regional Victoria in October, with six more under development. At the time, the business stated that each facility will be equipped with 30 MWh of hybrid storage using hydrogen and lithium-ion batteries.