Iberdrola, a Spanish energy provider, has obtained approval for the development of a 375 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Spain through an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The project, which is situated in the town of Cedillo in Cáceres, will be able to supply energy to 178,000 houses and reduce carbon emissions by around 77,000 tonnes annually. It will be constructed on a communal farm that is owned by the local residents.

Reportedly, the solar facility will be equipped with 576,000 bifacial PV modules, which will have the capacity to produce more than 582,400 MWh of green energy a year. Up to 800 jobs could be created by the project at its peak construction phase. It is supported by the local authorities and the Cedillo Agrarian Society. A substation that is enclosed and supports two additional PV projects with a total 100 MW capacity will be used to transfer the facility’s clean energy. The hydroelectric plant, which has a capacity of roughly 500 MW, is also served by the substation.

Earlier this month, Iberdrola sold its 49 per cent ownership of the Wikinger offshore wind farm in Germany for $700 million. The share was sold to Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP), a Swiss infrastructure investment firm that specialises in the world’s energy transformation. After the sale, Iberdrola would retain its remaining 51 per cent stake in the offshore wind farm and continue to manage the asset.