Iberdrola, a Spanish energy provider, has commissioned the Port Augusta wind-solar hybrid facility in Australia, considered to be the world’s first of its kind. A 210 MW wind farm and a 107 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant make up the 317 MW hybrid project. The $312.3 million wind-solar hybrid project in Port Augusta has been registered by the Australian Energy Market Operator in the National Electricity Market Registry. Reportedly, the largest hybrid power station in the southern hemisphere, it includes 250,000 solar panels and 50 wind turbines. The project can displace 400,000tpa of carbon emissions while supplying green electricity to 180,000 dwellings.

In September 2022, Iberdrola obtained approval for the development of a 375 MW solar photovoltaic project in Spain through an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The project, which is situated in the town of Cedillo in Cáceres, would be able to supply energy to 178,000 houses and reduce carbon emissions by around 77,000 tonnes annually. It would be constructed on a communal farm owned by the residents.