Sweetman Renewables Limited and Singapore’s CAC-H2 Private Limited have entered into a joint venture to establish a hydrogen production center of excellence. The center will be located in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. The deal amounts to an investment of AUS $15 million from CAC-H2, in return for 80 per cent ownership in Sweetman Renewables. The firm’s first two production lines will be established on a 30-acre site adjacent to the Sweetman’s Millfield timber mill. In return for the 20 per cent share in equity, Sweetman will supply biomass stock, EPC engineering services, and land access.

A wood-fed hydrogen production plant, expected to be Australia’s first, will be established under the partnership. CAC-H2 supplies gasification technology that is capable of converting woodchip into 99.999 per cent pure hydrogen. The country’s largest green bio-hydrogen production eco-hub will also be created. The venture is expected to create new jobs in construction, production, transportation, materials handling, and service and maintenance.

The joint venture is in line with Sweetman Renewable’s objective of utilizing its unique access to biomass towards creating a well-established production hub of green hydrogen across Australia. The partnership aims to create hydrogen hubs in every state of Australia over the coming two years. Sweetman Renewables has already announced expressions of interest to establish hydrogen hubs in regions of Newcastle Port, Queensland, and Victoria. With the planning applications approved, the construction is expected to commence soon.