The Holistic Network Design (HND) provides a recommended offshore and onshore design for a 2030 electricity network, that facilitates the UK Government’s ambition for 50 GW of offshore wind by 2030.  Developed by National Grid ESO in consultation with the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, Ofgem, Transmission Owners, offshore wind developers and environmental stakeholders, the HND primarily includes offshore wind projects that secured seabed leases through The Crown Estate’s Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4 and Crown Estate Scotland’s ScotWind Leasing Round. It also assumes 1GW of floating wind from the upcoming Celtic Sea leasing round and some additional projects that are due to connect at a similar place and time to others in scope. 

The Holistic Network Design Report gives detail on the recommended approach for connecting the in scope offshore wind farms, including the needs associated with the offshore transmission network and the onshore transmission network. The HND includes the offshore transmission network, the onshore works essential to facilitate each connection and the network needed to transport the electricity around the country. It also includes two Appendices: 1) Comprehensive List of Onshore and Offshore Network
Recommendations, including connections, enabling works and wider works and 2) Environment and Community Appraisal Summary.

Access the HND Report here