The report “Floating Offshore Wind – a Global Opportunity” was commissioned by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Offshore wind is a low cost, reliable technology. It delivers significant economic benefits through manufacturing and operation, and importantly can be deployed rapidly at scale. For many countries however, bottom-fixed is either not an option, or potential is limited. Deeper waters are the norm around most of the global coastline meaning that floating offshore wind is needed if these countries are to develop offshore wind.

Already floating offshore wind markets are emerging in a number of countries, with France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the UK all moving to grow floating offshore wind, with policy making underway to drive this growth.  However, behind this first round of countries backing floating offshore wind, which will be the next set of countries seen blazing a floating offshore wind path? This question sits at the heart of this study and work commissioned from Aegir Insights. 

Download the report here