GridStor, a company that develops and manages grid-scale battery energy storage systems, has purchased a portfolio of storage projects from Upstream Energy of San Diego that are currently being built in the greater Los Angeles area. The portfolio comprises numerous projects with anticipated online dates between 2024 and 2026, totaling more than 500 MW/2,000 MWh of capacity, or enough energy to power 375,000 California homes.

The projects will go online at a crucial juncture in California’s shift to clean energy, as the state strives to have a carbon-free electrical system by 2045. The California Energy Commission estimates that 49,000 MW of battery storage will be required to achieve these targets. The battery storage projects will be constructed on previously disturbed sites in urban areas near existing power lines and substations in the LA basin area, enabling the batteries to readily connect to the electrical grid when they are finished.

Once operational, the projects will give regional utilities the capacity they need to ensure the reliability of the power grid and will be key to the growing amounts of renewable energy being added to the state’s electric grid under the supervision of California’s Independent System Operator.