GreenGo Energy, a Danish company, has teamed with the municipality of Ringkbing-Skjern to develop a 4 GW green energy park. The Megaton project, located in the municipality of Ringkbing-Skjern, will be constructed at the upcoming Stovstrup substation east of Tarm. Its construction will require an investment of $8.7 billion in total. 

In addition to a 2 GW offshore wind project that GreenGo intends to develop, the 4,000 ha Megaton energy park will also include onshore solar and wind projects. The renewable assets will provide clean electricity to the energy park, which will include a 2 GW electrolysis infrastructure. Before 2030, Megaton is anticipated to be operational and will be able to produce a million tonnes of green fuel annually.

GreenGo Energy stated that the renewable energy assets will have the capacity to generate 11.5 TWh of green power annually, which is equal to more than 30 per cent of the country’s current total power consumption. However, as per the company, Megaton Energy Park will be using 85 per cent of the green electricity to make green fuels. Additionally, the project will generate excess heat for the district’s heating system of more than 1 TWh.

REGlobal’s Views: With the global energy supply disruptions and increasing fuel prices, countries are rapidly moving to clean energy sources to ensure energy security at affordable prices for their citizens. This project, when completed, will help Denmark to significantly increase the renewable energy share in its energy mix.