Spanish renewable independent power producer Greenalia is planning to develop four new offshore wind power plants in Spain and has recently filed the project and environmental planning applications. These projects with a total installed power capacity of 200 MW would be located in the vicinity of its 50 MW GOFIO offshore wind farm coming up near Canary Islands. The company had launched the permitting process for the GOFIO offshore wind farm earlier this year.

The upcoming projects, DUNAS, MOJO, CARDON and GUANCHE will have an installed power capacity of 50 MW each and will be located in the south-east coast of the Gran Canaria island. Each project will have four offshore wind turbines of 12.5 MW capacity mounted on floating foundations. The foundations would in turn be anchored to the seabed at depths of between 61 and 92 meters and power will be transmitted to the grid through submarine cables. 

The four projects in total will produce enough power to cater to the electricity requirements of over 280,000 homes and will offset approximately 560,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. These four projects along with GOFIO would take the Greenalia’s portfolio of offshore wind power capacity to 250 MW power in the Canary Islands. Canary Islands have one of the highest wind resources in Europe, which makes them ideal locations for deployment of floating windfarms.