In terms of renewable energy (RE) type, the most needed jobs are in the field of solar (54%) power. In terms of activity, the most needed skills are related to construction (59%). Vietnam offers the highest potential job creations in hydro, solar and wind power. Geothermal jobs are highly needed in Indonesia. More than half of ASEAN’s new RE jobs are in Vietnam (56%) and the remainder are distributed proportionally in seven ASEAN Member States (AMS): Indonesia (10%), Myanmar (11%), the Philippines (9%), Lao PDR (4%), Malaysia (3%), Thailand (3%) and Singapore (2%).

“Job Creation Towards Achieving the Regional Renewable Energy Target” has been published by ASEAN Centre for Energy. The main purpose of this discussion is to map the skill needs and allocations from two perspectives, energy type and location. The recommended actions are 1) to improve the accuracy of energy jobs projection, and 2) to establish a knowledge-sharing platform among ASEAN policymakers and develop a people-centred transition plan.

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