The Green Deal Industrial Plan (GDIP) encompasses the final pieces of European Green Deal we will see from the current European Commission. Instead of ending on a high, however, this hastily compiled plan risks undermining some of the good work to date. The co-negotiators must use the time available until the end of their mandate to improve the plan as far as possible.

The “Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net Zero Age” (GDIP) is the European Commission’s response to the US’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The US passed their landmark climate bill in the summer of 2022; it is estimated to spend $369 billion on climate over the next decade. Constrained by time pressure, challenging political circumstances and with the end of its mandate approaching rapidly, the Commission published the GDIP communication on 1 February 2023. Detailed legislative proposals followed, and an additional funding pillar is expected before the summer.

This E3G briefing “How to make the best of the Green Deal Industrial Plan” suggests how the co-negotiators from the European Parliament and Council of the EU can strengthen the helpful parts of the GDIP, and mitigate the risks posed by its problematic elements.

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