The Xinjiang based Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. has won two wind power projects in Ukraine, namely the 337.5 MW Zophia wind power project and the 288 MW Ochakov wind power project. With a total installed capacity of 625.5 MW, the former is located in Zaporizhia and the latter in Ochakov, both in southern Ukraine.

The two projects entail 75 units of GW 155-4.5 MW and 60 units of GW 155-4.8 MW smart wind turbines. The wind turbine generation systems comply with local grid connection requirements, ensuring greater efficiency in operations. Once the projects become operational, they will be able to cater to the power needs of over 1,100,000 households in the country, with an annual production capacity of roughly 2.2 TWh. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Ukraine by approximately 1.7 million tons per year. The two projects are scheduled to be completed in later half of 2022.

Goldwind entered the Ukrainian energy market in 2019. It is now becoming a frontrunner in the local Ukrainian market. On completion of the two new wind power projects, the market share of Goldwind in Ukraine is expected to surpass over 20 per cent. The projects are likely to facilitate improvements in local power supply and an improvement in the local power structure. It is also expected to drive greater infrastructure construction and economic development, by generating increased tax revenues and more employment opportunities in the region.

REGlobal’s Views: Ukraine has been making efforts to increase its renewable energy capacity and recently drafted a new law for renewable energy auctions that is expected to attract developers. The new regulations have been introduced to provide technology-neutral, feed-in-premium payments to renewable energy plant operators, in addition to the wholesale electricity price under contracts for difference.