GICON, a company based in Germany and the Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) collaboration or collaborating on renewable energy and hydrogen production in Vietnam. They will focus on developing projects for producing green electricity and green hydrogen through wind and bio power.

As per the MoU, GICON and VPI will exchange information and run research programmes in the fields of energy management, renewables, biodiversity and environmental toxicology. The two companies will work together to explore renewable energy and hydrogen production in Vietnamese conditions. These will include projects being developed on a pilot, demonstration or commercial scale which will then be tested under specific conditions.

New technologies will be explored for this purpose for the projects under the purview of this collaboration. Among the pilot projects, there is an offshore wind plant that will help produce green hydrogen by electrolysing sea water. Another project will apply GICON’s proprietary process for extracting biogas.

According to the Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany for more than 10 years, cooperation on energy in general and new and renewable energy in particular has continued to be one of the priority areas between Vietnam and Germany. Currently, Germany is one of the largest donors in the energy sector to Vietnam and has many companies involved in the energy transition in Vietnam, especially in solar, wind and biomass energy, as well as smart power grid development.

Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, GICON provides services which include consulting and engineering, research and development, and plant construction. Consulting and engineering is provided in the areas of business system planning, environmental or permit applications, energy technology, soil and water management, and information technology for a variety of industrial sectors.