JSC Georgian Energy Development Fund (GEDF), which is controlled by Georgia’s Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, has issued a tender for the building of a 5 MW solar power plant in the municipality of Sagarejo in the country’s Kakheti region.

The project is expected to cost about $3.45 million, with GEDF contributing 10 per cent of the total. The solar park is expected to produce 7,100,000 kWh per year. GEDF stated that it had already completed a feasibility assessment for the project and had produced all bidding documents for the selection of an EPC contractor. Interested parties will have until August 16, 2021 to submit bids.

So far, Georgia has had minimal success with solar energy installations. The nation only had 1 MW of installed solar power by the end of 2020. However, the nation currently has a 500 MW solar module plant owned and run by Aionrise, a US-based company that sells panels to European markets.

Approximately 78 per cent of Georgia’s power is generated by 2.4 GW of hydropower generation capacity, with the remainder generated by 900 MW of thermal power stations. Electricity costs in the nation are already inexpensive, with pricing rates believed to be under two US cents per kWh.