Fluence Energy and TransnetBW have announced plans to build a 250 MW battery energy storage (BES) project as part of a transmission project in Germany. The Netzbooster project will be situated at Germany’s main grid centre in Kupferzell. The objective of the project is to assist German transmission system operator (TSO) TransnetBW in maximising network use throughout the country. Fluence will provide the Netzbooster project’s battery energy storage system (BESS), which is anticipated to be finished in 2025.

The Netzbooster system will provide a number of complex services to support the transmission network, including contingency support, dynamic voltage control, and synthetic inertia. According to Fluence Energy, the technology will also provide congestion management.

With operations in more than 40 markets globally, Fluence Energy, a US company based in Virginia, offers solutions to aid in the global transition to clean energy. The company’s portfolio includes modular, scalable energy storage products, comprehensive service offerings and the Fluence IQ Platform. Meanwhile, TransnetBW works to ensure a secure power supply for around eleven million people in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg region.

REGlobal’s Views: Grid-side energy storage is gaining traction across the globe to manage grid disturbances and maintain stability of the overall transmission system. Germany, which has a significant renewable energy share, needs storage solutions to manage demand and supply patterns owing to intermittent generation from solar and wind power.