Clean Hydrogen MENA (November 28-29, 2022)

Clean hydrogen is fast becoming a key constituent of the broader decarbonisation strategies across the world. The Middle East countries have distinctive advantages that could allow them to seize the hydrogen opportunity in their pursuit to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels towards a cleaner future.

Global Transmission Report is organising its 2nd conference on Clean Hydrogen MENA on November 28-29, 2022. The mission of the conference is to highlight opportunities, plans and solutions for the production, storage, transport, and export of clean hydrogen in the Middle East region.

The two-day online event will provide a platform to discuss and analyse the critical decisions needed to unlock the potential of green hydrogen in the region. It will feature about 10 live sessions focusing on opportunities, policies, developer plans, technology, projects, supply infrastructure, storage, financing, export potential and the way forward.

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The electric mobility revolution in the western states is now at the next level. California has set bold rules to achieve 100 per cent ZEVs by 2035. Washington and Oregon are planning to follow suit. Accelerating investments in building a reliable and inclusive charging infrastructure has become a prerequisite for realizing these plans.

Join us at our 2nd annual conference on EV Charging Infrastructure West on January 25-26, 2023 in San Francisco Bay Area. The conference will highlight plans, opportunities, challenges and solutions for developing a resilient, equitable and customer-friendly charging infrastructure in the western states.

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