Green Hydrogen APAC (November 10-11, 2021)

Green hydrogen as a clean energy resource has attracted extensive attention worldwide. The global hydrogen generation market is projected to reach USD201 billion by 2025 and Asia Pacific is emerging as one of the leading markets for adopting hydrogen. Several countries in the region are betting on hydrogen to emerge as the top clean fuel, however technological advancements in hydrogen production, storage and supply can only be made feasible by establishing right policies, standards, infrastructure and access to affordable finance.

Continuing our regional series on Green Hydrogen, Global Transmission Report supported by REGlobal is organising a virtual conference on Green Hydrogen APAC on November 10-11, 2021. The mission of the conference is to highlight the potential, plans and opportunities in the production, transport and storage of green hydrogen in the Asia Pacific region. 

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Grid Enhancing Technologies (December 1-2, 2021)

The large amount of new and decentralized generation expected to come online over the next decade poses an enormous challenge of managing load flow and preventing network congestion. Grid enhancing technologies (GET) are increasingly being seen as a solution to meet this challenge.

GETs can enhance transmission capacity at much lower costs and in less time compared to building new transmission infrastructure. While building new transmission is crucial and should be accelerated, siting and developing is complex and requires long lead times. Thus, GETs can serve as a bridge to allow for more grid capacity while waiting for new power lines to be approved and built.

Global Transmission Report is organizing a virtual conference on Grid Enhancing Technologies on December 1-2, 2021. The objective of the conference is to explore the potential of GETs in addressing the challenges faced by the US grid in integrating large amount of renewables and discuss the next steps for their wider adoption.

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