Equinor and Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult have partnered to address some of the most significant issues confronting the UK’s offshore renewables industry. The new partnership will build on the two organisations’ previous collaborations. The two companies are planning to collaborate together to invest in offshore wind technology readiness through this new alliance.

Along with improving energy integration, they will concentrate on enhancing the operations and maintenance (O&M) and reliability of wind turbines within the industry. The partners will also work on key aspects including fostering innovation and creating new opportunities in clusters around the UK, as well as supporting the UK Offshore Wind Sector Deal. In the future, the partnership’s scope may potentially cover the hydrogen electrolysis and battery storage industries.

Earlier this month, Equinor agreed to buy BeGreen for an undisclosed fee. BeGreen has more than 6 GW of capacity in Denmark, Sweden, and Poland, which is in the early to medium stages of development. With this acquisition, Equinor aimed to expand its portfolio and set of skills in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. Completion of the deal is subject to relevant regulatory approvals. BeGreen would be owned by an Equinor subsidiary after the deal is completed. Danske Commodities, a division of Equinor, would market the clean energy produced by the BeGreen portfolio.