Dutch energy company Eneco and Danish European Energy have formed a new joint venture called Swan Wind. The two companies had joined forces so as to submit a proposal for the Thor offshore wind farm tender and Danish Energy Agency has recently qualified this joint venture for the said tender. Thor offshore wind farm is one of the two large offshore wind farms to be built in Denmark before 2030.

The said offshore wind farm will be located west of Nissum Fjord, at a distance of at least 20 km from the shore in the North Sea. The nearest village on the shore is Thorsminde, from where the new wind farm gets its name. Thor wind farm will have a capacity ranging between 800 to 1,000 MW. The tendering process will be concluded in Q4 2021, while the wind farm is expected to be connected to the grid between the years 2025 and 2027. 

The competition in the Thor tender is strong, but Swan Wind aims to deliver a strong bid and is optimistic about its chances. Through this project, both the companies want to contribute to Denmark’s goal of reducing its carbon emissions to 70% below its 1990 levels by 2030.

On this recent development Ruben Dijkstra, Director Offshore Wind at Eneco remarks “We have the experience and the appetite, so we consider our chances are good. With our combined competencies and local market insights, we form a strong joint venture.” Meanwhile, Knud Erik Andersen, CEO at European Energy says “Denmark has ambitious political goals for offshore wind and a sound framework to attract investors for the benefit of society, so we expect tough competition and a multitude of participants. That’s the way it should be in a tender like this.”