EDP has announced an investment of Euro 470 million in renewable projects in the province of Asturias, Spain where it will build Spain’s first floating wind farm and reconvert the Aboño and Soto de Ribera plants.

As part of its commitment to the energy transition, EDP now proposes to the development of the country’s first floating wind farm and the conversion of the Aboño and Soto de Ribera power plants to projects related to green hydrogen and energy storage and renewable energy generation. The aim is to convert the Soto de Ribera plant into a reference centre for the storage of renewable energy and new uses of green hydrogen, transforming it into the green battery of Asturias, according to official statements.

With regard to renewable generation, EDP has already started the process of a mini hydraulic plant that would take advantage of nalón waters by passing through the plant. This facility would join a solar park planned by the company. The renewable energy generated will be injected into the grid to meet demand and would allow the production and storage of green hydrogen, with the surplus being stored.