Danskammer Energy, LLC, plans to retire equipment and repower its existing facility in New York with state-of-the-art technology. As New York moves toward renewables, it will need more quick-start plants like an upgraded Danskammer to fill in the gaps in wind and solar production.

An upgraded Danskammer is designed in anticipation of New York’s energy goals and will serve as a bridge to New York’s renewable energy future. Today, the plant takes 11 hours to ramp up before producing any power. An upgraded facility will come online in minutes. When there is no sun or wind, a modernized Danskammer can come online quickly to provide reliable energy to the Hudson Valley. An upgraded Danskammer can transition to zero-emission hydrogen power when the technology is available to transport and store hydrogen.

Bill Reid from Danskammer Energy recently spoke at our conference on Green Hydrogen US, highlighting the details of the upcoming project and future plans.