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Finessing India’s Power Market Design to be More Competitive

A new briefing note by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) looks at the benefits and potential roadblocks to implementation of these key reforms and argues that they are important steps towards transforming India’s power sector into a low-emissions, low-cost and profitable part of the economy. The note also discusses the second progressive market development: the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (CERC) draft regulations for procurement, deployment and payment of ancillary services to maintain the grid frequency at 50 Hertz.

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How Wholesale Power Markets Work in The US

The white paper “How Wholesale Power Markets Work” has been prepared by Bentham Paulos for the 100% Clean Energy Collaborative which has been created by Clean Energy States Alliance. This is the first of a series of explainers on the impact of 100% clean power on wholesale markets and explores how power markets work today.

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Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm Projects: Updates to Guide Investors and Financiers through the Legal and Regulatory Framework

In recent years, the Taiwanese Government set aggressive renewable energy targets, with a particular focus on the development of its offshore wind power capabilities. This exciting new market presents great opportunities for foreign investors as well as local electricity market players. At the same time, it highlights the need for a local legal and regulatory framework in Taiwan that will foster the development of the market in an effective and efficient manner. This Jones Day White Paper updates an earlier similar paper (published in February 2018) with the latest on the current legal and regulatory framework for offshore wind farm projects in Taiwan.

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Offshore wind energy in India

This paper examines the recent initiatives of the Government of India, such as the announcement of the Offshore Wind Policy, the Marine Wind Targets for 2022, and the Expression of Interest (EOI) for the first 1 GW Offshore Wind projects in Gujarat. The report also addresses all the regulatory, operational, and implementation challenges that will affect the growth of this market in India.

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New Revenue Opportunities for Utilities

With constantly declining prices and increasing efficiencies of solar panels and batteries, a large section of customers could generate, store and consume their own electricity. Today, the primary revenue for electric utilities is from the sale of energy to their customers, which is going to be seriously impacted in the near future. Since these changes are already on the horizon, it is important for utilities to consider new revenue streams for growth and sustainability.

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