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Data exchange via virtual assistants is key to unlocking the full potential of the future energy system

Connecting buildings to a cross-sectoral, decentralized energy system is a proven means of integrating more renewable energy sources and further increasing energy efficiency. However, the operation of such highly interconnected energy systems is becoming painstaking. Data and algorithms will be the key to overcome these pains and to unlock the innovative systems’ full potential.

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Solar Power Finds Ripe New Market in Crop Protection, says BNEF

The fusion of agriculture and solar – where elevated panels shelter crops beneath – can be seen in two ways: it makes the same piece of land doubly productive, or it slices away performance from both. There is something to be said for both arguments, as more and more so-called agroPV projects are being rolled out globally.

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Bifacial emerges as a prominent technology for utility-scale projects

Efforts are on worldwide to develop more advanced technologies with higher efficiencies for maximum gains. In this evolutionary process, bifacial technology, which is one of the most important technological shifts in the solar PV market, is driven by the increased adoption of advanced cell architecture and focus on system efficiencies.

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Hydrogen ‘required’ to meet UK net-zero goal, says National Grid

The UK will need hydrogen to meet its goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, according to the latest National Grid “future energy scenarios”. Hydrogen “could be the solution to many of the hardest parts of the transition to net-zero”, National Grid says, particularly in long-distance freight, shipping and heavy industry.

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Floatovoltaics: Land-constrained SEA countries look to waterbodies for sustainable power generation

The unavailability of large swathes of land has forced developers in the solar power segment to look elsewhere to set up solar power plants in a more sustainable manner. In this regard, canal tops, hybrid power and other such technologies have emerged as important solutions. A recent phenomenon of this is also the emergence of floating solar power plants, or floatovoltaics, which have found a considerable market in the Southeast Asian region.

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