In its investor presentation from August 2020, Canadian Solar highlights that the global weighted-average solar PPA for commissioning in 2021 is USD 0.039 per kWh, which is over 20 per cent cheaper than the cheapest fossil-fuel competitor i.e. coal-fired plants (estimated cost in the range of USD 0.05-0.177 per kWh). This is also cheaper than the marginal operating cost of 1,200 GW of existing coal-fired power plants, in a study of 2,000 GW of global coal-fired capacity by Carbon Tracker (2018).

Check out the full investor presentation from August 2020 below to know about the company’s performance in 2020 so far, its future targets and its outlook for the solar power sector in general.

Note: The company is expected to release the results for quarter ended September 2020 soon; check out this space for more updates