This paper “Battery electric vehicle access in Europe: A comparison of rural, intermediate, and urban regions” by the International Council on Clean Transportation analyses electric passenger car uptake in urban, intermediate, and rural regions in 17 European countries, with a focus on the latter. Rural regions generally see higher levels of passenger car usage and lower levels of public transportation availability compared to urban regions, while having higher possible access to home charging. Further understanding of how the rural battery electric vehicle (BEV) market is developing, and analysis of policies and actions in rural regions with high registration shares, can help to address inequities in electric vehicle access.

The analysis found that new BEV registrations is not equally distributed across European regions. In intermediate regions, the average BEV market share of 6.7% was 0.5 percentage points higher than in urban and rural regions. Looking at the regions which experienced BEV registrations equal to or above the European average, their share was the highest in intermediate regions (45%), followed by rural regions (42%), and urban regions (38%). However, variations existed within each regional typology.

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