Belltown Power Texas has announced that it will develop stand-alone storage projects to complement its current solar assets. With over 1 GW of solar projects to be commissioned over the next two to three years, the company aims to install about 640 MW of storage systems in Dallas, Texas. Over 2020, Belltown identified several locations where storage is expected to become necessary and plans to develop the proposed capacity across four storage sites.

Belltown Power Texas has been developing solar projects in Texas for over five years with a strong focus in the northern region of the state, where projects have proved to be profitable. In addition to its current project pipeline, the company looks to expand operations to the southern part of the state as well.  

The need for storage is further justified with a higher than expected amount of power outages in recent weeks. Earlier this week, operators asked residents to conserve power on a daily basis after catastrophic power outages left the Texans without electricity for days.

Belltown Power is a leader in the North Electric Reliability Council of Texas market with a strong track record of installing quality renewable energy projects from greenfield through to ready-to-build. The company was founded in 2013, has over 25 professionals, and has invested over $500 million to develop 22 sites with over 220MW of solar, wind, and hydro assets.