According to the Secretary-General of Algeria’s Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, 111 investors from 15 countries have expressed interest in participating in the tenders for the deployment of 1 GWp of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity in Algeria. The nation, according to Bouziane, is betting on renewable energy, particularly solar power, as an alternative for fossil fuels.

Solar 1,000 is an initiative that will help the North African country attain its goal of 15 GW of green power generation capacity by 2035. Algeria issued tenders for the 1 GWp scheme in December 2021, with capacity allocated in lots ranging from 50 MW to 300 MW. Solar plants have already been chosen for 11 different locations. Each developer is eligible to bid for one or more 300 MW batches. The winners will be awarded a 25-year power purchase agreement.

In December 2021, Algeria’s Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy launched a tender for the deployment of 1 GW of solar capacity. The procurement exercise would be divided into lots ranging from 50 MW to 300 MW each. Algerian Renewable Energy Company (SHAEMS), which is jointly owned by state-owned gas company Sonatrach and power utility Sonelgaz, will hold the tender. SHAEMS would be authorised to own up to 25 per cent of the special purpose vehicles that will own the winning projects.

REGlobal’s Views: Algeria is immensely rich in solar power resources, with a very high solar irradiation and huge tracts of barren land. Even then, solar PV deployment has not progressed as expected. This large tender will be important to attract private parties to set up capacities in Algeria and provide confidence to the industry.