Advent Technologies, a US-based fuel cell manufacturer, has received approval from the Greek government to set up two ‘Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI)’ that are based on hydrogen. These were two of the five projects selected from a total of 20 for approval by a special inter-ministerial committee of experts. The initiatives, which are part of the Hydrogen Technologies IPCEI, are currently awaiting European Union approval.

Supported by 4.65 GW of green hydrogen and 400 MW of fuel cell heat and power production, these two projects, under Green HiPo and White Dragon schemes, will help replace coal-fired power plants with solar energy parks. The White Dragon would produce green hydrogen through electrolysis using renewable energy in Western Macedonia. High-temperature proton exchange membrane (HT-PEM) fuel cells will be used in this process. Further, an integrated hydrogen industrial research center is also planned within the hydrogen high technology, research, development, and innovation center that will be built in Western Macedonia.

Meanwhile, the Green HiPo is focused on developing, designing, and manufacturing these HT-PEM fuel cells that can be used for heat and power generation. The project would be based in Western Macedonia and will produce the fuel cells that will power White Dragon’s green energy plan if both the projects are fully approved. Further, the manufacturing facility will be scaled up in stages – starting from 15 kW/units fuel cells, gradually reaching 120 kW, and then 1 MW scale single units before becoming a multi-MW platform.

REGlobal’s Views: Greece has impressive plans in place to use hydrogen to phase out all lignite-based power plants by 2028. It aims to deploy massive renewable energy capacity in order to produce green hydrogen. This is likely to result in significant investments in the country’s green energy space over the next few years.