Acciona Energia, a Spanish renewable energy company, has acquired Red-Tailed Hawk, a 350 MWac solar PV project in the US, from Avondale Solar and Solar Plus Development. The project will be developed by Avondale Solar’s subsidiary, AP Solar Holdings, in collaboration with Solar Plus Development in Houston, Texas. The development phase of Red-Tailed Hawk is planned to begin in the third quarter of 2022, with the facility opening in 2024. The construction of the project will cost $460 million.

The project will create enough renewable energy to power 66,500 households in Texas. Acciona Energia also plans to expand its position in the US by acquiring the Red-Tailed Hawk project. The company’s solar farms in Fort Bend, Texas, and High Point, Illinois, are currently under development. Acciona Energia will have more than 2 GW of solar and wind energy capacity in the US after these three PV facilities are built.

In December 2021, Plug Power Inc., and Acciona Energia, announced that their previously announced 50-50 joint venture has been completed. The joint venture is known as AccionaPlug, and it is based in Madrid. It will develop, operate, and maintain green hydrogen projects in Spain and Portugal.

REGlobal’s Views: Acciona Energia like other large clean energy companies is expanding its presence in the United States as the country emerges as one of the most attractive renewable energy markets globally.